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Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training, and some are not.



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APRIL 2011 21st April 2011

Welcome! Welcome to the first issue of Dragon Heart, the official newsletter of the Trinidad and Tobago Dragon Boat Federation. Since its introduction to Trinidad and Tobago in 2006 the sport of Dragon Boat has attracted many enthusiasts and there is now a thriving community of dragon boat paddlers in schools and within the corporate community.

Dragon Heart will strive to keep the current community of Dragon Boat paddlers apprised of developments locally as well as to promote the sport and encourage wider participation. We also wish to welcome the new Board of Directors of the Trinidad and Tobago Dragon Boat Federation who were elected into office on Sunday 26th February 2011. Please feel free to send your feedback, comments, suggestions or questions to our email address at [email protected] and continue to paddle strong! The Editor

TTDBF Board of Directors 2011 – 2012

President – Keith Dalip

Vice President – Sheldon Chin

Board Member/Secretary – Earlin Stanford

Board Member/Treasurer – Ronald Lee

Board Member/PRO – Alicia Rostant

Board Member – Shallona Shallowe

Board Member – Natalie Attin

Representative/School Fraternity – Neal Cezair

The Journey Continues… [message from Keith] [Lots of exciting stuff happening including new accommodation, training for world championships, Regattas in Point Fortin and Tobago.

Thanks everyone. Please stay in touch. And remember: “Yours is the Heart of the Dragon”. Excellent Stores/High Sierra Inter-Schools Dragon Boat Regatta

This major event on the Dragon Boat calendar took place on Sunday 17th April 2011. As in previous years, the indomitable spirit of our junior paddlers made this an event to remember. Despite the many difficulties they faced during the past year, our juniors rose to the challenge and ten teams took to the water.

Our special guests, the Honourable Minister of Education, Dr. Tim Gopeesingh and His Excellency Yang Youming, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, were visibly impressed by the competition and thoroughly enjoyed their ‘walkabout’ among the troops. A hearty thank you to the sponsors who have continued to enhance ….. Win, lose or draw, a great time was had by all! See you again next year guys!

The Boys The Mixed Teams The Girls Queen’s Royal College Degree South East Dragons (South East Port of Spain) HNC Dragons (Holy Name Convent) St. Mary’s College Royal Francois United (QRC & St. Francois Girls College) St. Francois Orchas (St. Francois Girls College) TrinToco Thunder (Trinity East, Toco Composite & Fatima) El Dorado West Bishops Anstey POS Wanton Warriors (Trinity Moka and Bishops Anstey POS)

Congratulations to the Winners Girls Category: Bishops Anstey POS Boys Category:

TrinToco Thunder Mixed Catetory: Wanton Warriors And in the Mixed category: South-East POS Royal/Francois El Dorado West Trinity Moka/Bishop Anstey POS

Move to Anchorage As you are probably all aware, we have moved from La Soufriere to the Anchorage at Hart’s Cut in Welcome Bay. At last, we have all six boats on the same site once again and I expect that water training will become much more convenient and accessible to everyone.

Be sure to share a friendly word with the guys – Kurt, Alba and Keon – they are always willing to accommodate us in any way they can. Things have changed a bit since we were last at the Anchorage. The facility is fast becoming a preferred location for wedding receptions and other functions. The owner is very determined that we should be able to carry on with our activities even while a function is taking place at the venue. To this end, he has identified the North-eastern section of the property for our exclusive use.

Thanks to the virtually single-handed efforts of Wallen “Dexter” Floyd of Point Fortin Shockwave, we now have three showers along the eastern wall of the building. In due course, we hope to install toilet facilities as well. Another aspect of customising the area at Anchorage for our exclusive use, is the construction of a wall extending from the front eastern corner of the building to the fence. This is not a cheap proposition and your Federation regretfully does not have the funds to pay for this.... but we do have a robust, lively membership that is accustomed to physical activity. Get where I’m coming from? Yep, why don’t we get together and build the wall ourselves! Hence, the BLOCKORAMA! My humble suggestion is that each one of us puts up the price of a concrete block (or two), we get together, mix some cement and throw up that wall – a tangible testimony to our camaraderie and community! It is for me, a truly emotional experience when one of us steps up to the plate (like Dexter did) and gives selflessly for the benefit of the rest of our fraternity.

This week, Reisha (paddling for less than a year, a member of the WASA team) did just that! She organised for a backhoe to go to Anchorage and dig the trench that will hold the footer for our wall. Guys, our wall is well on its way. Please, please, please let’s do this! I have arranged for the material to be delivered TODAY (yeah, I know it’s Good Friday) – I have a good thing going with my hardware store. So we can lay the footer as early as Monday (yeah, I know it’s Easter Monday) – I have a good thing going with my Father above. I’ll bring my steel chopper and any other tools I can lay my hands on, as well as my cooler with ice. You bring your drinks, sandwiches, fruits, or just bring yourself. Let’s get together for 7:00 a.m. because it will be cool and we should be done before the day gets too hot.

By the way, you don’t have to contribute your block price just yet! I’ll ask someone to see about that later on. So what say? Please write to [email protected] to let me know if you can make it. For those of you who don’t know much about construction – like me – apparently you have to let the footer set for a couple days. So, the actual construction will hopefully be at the end of this month. We can have a huge cookout on that day – fish broth and roast breadfruit eh! See you all there! 






UPCOMING EVENTS This week Selection Trials for the National Dragon Boat Team for ‘Journey to the World 2011’ will take place. Look out for more on this soon!


People have been asking me about this and honestly, I don’t know what to say at this time. If it gets off the ground, it promises to be a thriller. Labour Day weekend – family, friends, much limin’. Problem is we haven’t yet received official endorsement (translate as: financial commitment) from the THA and time is fast running out to secure bookings on the ferry as well as hotel accommodation. Mr. Siu Chong and I are pushing hard but you know.... life in Tobago. Anyway, I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as possible if there are any new developments. Keith


This, as we know, is a great day of racing. This year, it is carded for May 8th. Our friends at the Point Fortin Borough Corporation are a bit worried because it is also Mother’s Day. As it stands, the date cannot be changed because the regatta is a signature event that marks the end of the Borough celebrations which, by the way, have already begun. Our President will meet with the officers of the Corporation next Wednesday (27th April) and we hope he will be able to allay their fears. Will your team be going down to Point? Please let us know by next Tuesday.  


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