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Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training, and some are not.



Posted by Alicia Rostant on February 16, 2013 at 11:10 PM

The Trinidad and Tobago Dragon Boat Federation along with seventy two other Federations around the world are preparing for the 11th IDBF World National Championships to be held in Hungary July 2013.

Our athletes are hard at work in preparation, but here are some items that you may not be aware of regarding the championships.  


  • The mascot is a dragon called Simi. 
  • The slogan is "C'mon lets Dragon"
  • You can follow the latest news on the 11th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships, Hungary 2013 on their  facebook fan page
  • As of the 16th Feb there is only 157 days to competition
  • Szeged means "the city of sunshine" but don't let that fool you it will be cold brrrr!!!!
  • You can check out Dragon boating action  on the same race course as the coming Worlds on
And what about Hungary????  

Here are some foods that you can try while there:

Borleves - this is a wine soup
Halaszle - red fish soup spiced with hot paprika
Turos csusza - small dumplings called galuska baked with quark cheese called turo served savory with bacon or  sweet
Pogacsa - round puffed pastry with bacon

You've got to wash down that food with some liquids so why not try these.

Unicum - Unicum is regarded as one of the national drinks of Hungary. The three different varieties (Unicum, Unicum Next, and Millenicum). Though Millenicum was a special edition, it can still be found at a few retailers. It is somewhat stronger than the original, with a slightly sweeter aftertaste. Zwack Frissitők is a pineapple-based version of the drink.  Unicum Next (a thinner-bodied drink with a more prominent citrus flavour), re-branded as "Zwack".

Palinka - Meaning "to burn"

This traditional, double-distilled fruit brandy is made from various kinds of fruits, including: plums, pears, apricots, apples, cherries, mulberries or quinces. The drink can also be made from honey or pomace, but the fruit varieties are certainly the most popular in Hungary

Pálinka is not served as a shot, but as a drink that is sipped and enjoyed over time. It is best at 18-20 °C because this is the temperature at which the liquor smells and tastes its best. The form of the glass used to drink pálinka is very important and the ideal shaped glass is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. This is because the narrow neck and wider bottom allows the smell to be magnified.


Pálinka is consumed at all hours of the day, but is particularly popular as an after work or after dinner drink. Just as the Americans would enjoy a cocktail, the Czech a beer and the French a glass of wine, Hungarians enjoy a cold glass of pálinka at the end of a hard day. And, as the liquor is flavored with different fruits, it is not often combined with a mixer but drank straight up.

Well at least you can try these after competition.  Stay tuned for more interesting information coming soon.



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