Trinidad and Tobago Dragon Boat Federation

Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training, and some are not.


The Trinidad and Tobago Dragon Boat Federation became the governing body of the sport of dragon boating in Trinidad and Tobago in the year 2007

For members being part of a collective body gives access to equipment to host regattas, equipment to train teams, and a body of volunteers dedicated to the management and development of the sport. 

The Federation is presently working on gaining national sport status for dragon boating, and is dedicated in the promotion of the sport within Trinidad and Tobago.

It is our view to someday host a Caribbean Regional competition.  


The Trinidad and Tobago Dragon Boat Federation (TTDBF) is committed to delivering to its members excellence in sports management, equity in access for all clubs throughout Trinidad and Tobago, to maintain and nurture the traditions of the sport, and to the continual promotion and development of the sport.

By 2012 TTDBF will offer extensive opportunities to remain active and healthy through dragon boating.  Participation by members of all ages and abilities will be encouraged and promoted.  The federation will cater equally for all levels of participation from novice to advanced, including offering opportunities for participation in local regattas and representative competition and training.

TTDBF will provide well maintained facilities and equipment for training and competition.  The federation will implement improved administration from a central TTDBF office.

TTDBF and its member clubs and crews will operate profitably, continually improving their financial positions by securing income from membership, sponsorship and fundraising. 


The Trinidad and Tobago Dragon Boat Federation's mission is to represent the interests of all Dragon Boaters in Trinidad and Tobago to the public, media, sponsors, and government bodies.


As a sporting governing body and a team of individuals, TTDBF values integrity, transparency, respect, flexibility, teamwork, dedication, and quality.

The TTDBF is guided by these seven core values:

 Integrity: TTDBF adheres to the highest standards of conduct and moral behaviour, and  maintains the highest level of ethics in all actions.

 Transparency: TTDBF encourages transparency and accountability in all its actions and dealings.  Access to information is available on request.

Respect  TTDBF fosters diversity, values people and their contributions, and treats them equitably, fairly and with dignity, care and respect.

Flexibility: TTDBF is an organization that is adaptable, flexible, and able to think "out of the box".  This flexibility allows the federation to provide members with a different way of looking at each situation and to deliver outstanding results.

Teamwork: TTDBF takes joint responsibility through teamwork and works together to achieve great things for dragon boating, clubs, crews, paddlers and the wider communities in which we operate.

Dedication: TTDBF will go that extra mile to achieve results on time, for the betterment of dragon boating.

Quality: TTDBF will deliver excellence and the highest quality in their management of dragon boating, strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change.  


Management Structure

 TTDBDF Management Committee        2016/2017

  President - Kieth Dalip

  Vice President - 

  Treasurer - 

  Secretary - 

  Public Relation Officer - 





Team Oarstruck

Tidal Blitz

Tribe Aquaholics

Point Fortin Shockwave

Manta Rays

Excellent Stores Titans 



Paddle 2 One Drum

Energy Vanguards


Peking Ducks

Team Finess

Angels & Saints

Manta Rays


Aerodragons Tobago


Jet Reaction

YMCA Dashers


LJ Power Rangers

Port Piranhas

D.O.T.T. Conquerers

Aqua Force

DEYAS Warriors



Queens Royal College

St. Mary's College

Fatima College

South East P.O.S.

Providence Girls Secondary

Trinity College Moka

Bishop Anstey P.O.S.

Trinity College East

Bishop Anstey East

Toco Secondary

El Dorado Secondary West

El Dorado Secondary East 

St. Francois Girls College

Maple Leaf

Holy Name Convent

St. Anthony's College 

Barataria South Secondary High School 

St. Joseph Convent

International Secondary Private School 




Constitution / ByLaws   TTDF By laws - Oct 2007.pdf

Registration Fees and Guidelines APPLICATION FOR TTDBF MEMBERSHIP.docx

International Dragon Boat Federation Competition Regulations


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